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perfect blog :)

Thank you. <3

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It aint for everybody you know, Ben’s obviously gonna have to do his own thing…(x)

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Christian Bale and Cate Blanchett Join 'Jungle Book: Origins' (Exclusive)


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cate is set to voice an animated character in a new adaptation of The Jungle Book, directed by fellow Lord of the Rings/Hobbit actor Andy Serkis.

Someone need to nominate bae for the #icebucketchallange tho 

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Christian Bale and Wife Sibi Welcome Baby No. 2!

Remember me.

It was so great meeting Christian Bale today at :)

I really hate the ‘christian bale’ tag, its simply a clusterfuck and filled with repost and i just ugh! 

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Bless this blog. Bless your heart ❤️

Omg bless your soul. thanks for all the love… 

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