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Casual, desayunando y Christian Bale me pide una foto. #awesome #batman#christianbale #thedarkknight #beverlyhills  (4/21/2014)

I learned a new word today. Atom bomb. It was like a white light in the sky. Like God taking a photograph.

- Empire of the Sun (1987)

havodadlegolas: "the baleedit tag is the best idea"

Glad you agree, specially since ive been neglecting this blog lately and i don’t always have time to do edit/gifs. Thanks to those that do! hehe :)

Favorite photos of Christian Bale [15/30]

Patrick, stop calling me pumpkin, okay?

If you guys make gifs or edits of Christian’s flims or anything relating Christian, can you tag it under #baleedit please? the christian bale tag is such a clusterfuck I can’t be bothered with it anymore tbh. Thanks. :)